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​What is a substitute drive service?

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We will act as a substitute drive service for Atsugi City, Ebina City, and Isehara City.

The main area of departure is Isehara Station, the entire area of Ebina City, Atsugi City.

The destination is a city other than Atsugi City and Ebina City There are no restrictions outside the prefecture

We will drive your car on your behalf.

When I drank ...

I want to drink beer with everyone on the daytime barbecue ...

When I'm not feeling well ...

When you get injured ...

When you are not confident in driving out ...

I want to go pick up a car I bought online ...

There are no restrictions on the cases of use.

Customers should leave the driving to a professional driver who has obtained a Type 2 license in the seat of their own car that they are accustomed to riding.

 How to use ... 

How to request a drive service service.


① A substitute car will pick you up (Place) Nakacho, Atsugi City Yakiniku Hon Atsugien or Ebina Municipal Parking Lot, etc.

② Requested car (model / number) White Prius with number 1234 etc.

③ Return destination (place) Drop off alone in Nakacho, Atsugi City, and finally Morinosato, Atsugi City ... etc.

④ Your contact information and name (we will call you back if you cannot find your car)

⑤ When the substitute car arrives, please get in your car and tell the driver the directions.

⑥ Customers are not allowed to ride in accompanying vehicles in accordance with the law.

If you call after preparing the information of ① ~ ④, the reception will be completed smoothly.

* We do not accept reservations in order to maintain quick and accurate vehicle allocation.

* Some errors may occur in the arrival time depending on the situation, but the time shown is a guide.

 Usage fee ... 

Basic charge for using the drive service service.

▽ During business hours ▽

2000 yen up to 2km and 200 yen every 500m


▽ Outside business hours ▽

2500 yen up to 2km and 250 yen every 500m

▽ Extra operation ▽

25% extra operation for use outside business hours


▽ Wait after arrival ▽

10 minutes free 10 minutes after 1000 yen 100 yen per minute


▽ Waiting on behalf of ▽

After arrival, add to the waiting and bill in total


▽ Cancellation ▽

2000 yen for each car after the arrival of the accompanying car


▽ Toll road ▽

Please pay the toll of the accompanying car for a round trip


▽ Member discount ▽

500 yen discount from the total usage amount


▽ Cashless payment ▽

Campaigns / discounts are not applicable


▽ Cancellation without permission ▽

Please check on another page → [ Cancel without permission ]


▽ Other details ▽

Please check on the price list page [ Price list ]

​Members discount

​Number of accompanying vehicles in operation

​Driving agency meter


500 yen discount from the total amount if you show it

With 10P points added to the point card on the back

As a discount ticket of 1000 yen from the total amount

You can use it whenever you like.

* Please check the price page for non-applicability.

Most operating units in the Hon-Atsugi area

Most operating units in the Ebina area

Most operating units in the Isehara area

Supports quick dispatch and multiple dispatch


At the charge meter dedicated to driving agency

Accurate charge calculation in 1M increments

Impossible with trip meter

definiteYou can rest assured with the price calculation


​Certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

​Red plum rank acquisition

Hospitality Standard 2018.2019 Continuous Certification Registration Number 02010770

As a company founded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we improve services, revitalize, and improve productivity for our customers.Since we have acquired a high quality certification number of service quality for the purpose of, we can provide a driving agency that satisfies our customers.


Maximum guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will happen to the accident response?

A. Even a professional driver who acts as a substitute drive service cannot avoid a traffic accident.

Operation agency Gosha in insurance because there is unionized insurance and any insurance has been mandatory with the

We are 100% subscribed, but the coverage is different, we are the maximum guarantee for both unions and voluntary

Since we are a member, please be assured of any accidents.


Prohibitions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any matters that are prohibited by law or cannot be undertaken as a substitute drive service agent?

A. Customers are not allowed to board the accompanying vehicle, so please request a capacity that can accommodate one substitute driver.

A. Motorcycles in general Please understand that we cannot undertake the driving agency for cargo of 2 tons or more and vehicles with registered business numbers.

A. If you are drunk enough to ask for directions, we may not be able to send you.

厚木市海老名市大和市伊勢原市の運転代行マーベラスインスタグラム 海老名市運転代行マーベラス

​Atsugi / Ebina / Isehara store introduction

How to make good use of the drive service in Atsugi City ...

If you ask for a substitute drive service in Atsugi City, you may have had a long wait, such as waiting for an hour depending on the timing.

The main downtown areas in the center of Atsugi City are Nakacho, Atsugi City, Asahicho, Atsugi City, Sakaecho, Atsugi City, and Kotobukicho, Atsugi City.

I think there are about 7 agents resident in this town.

Is it said, "Eh! Wait for an hour even though there is so much"? ?? You think ...

The number of cars that are shipped depending on the trader and the day of the week is about 1 to 10 units, but the peak driving agency around Hon-Atsugi is around 23:30 pm to 2:00 am on any day of the week. ..

At 0:00 am, the drive service to 142 towns in 9 districts will start all at once in the vicinity of Atsugi City.

The time zone when customers want to return is the same, from 0:00 to 1:00. There will be a shortage of substitute vehicles.

In addition, we often cannot accept reservations during peak hours.

Therefore, it is a method of utilizing the driving agency during peak hours without waiting, which is proposed by the agency.

The best time to call is "when you're about to go home" instead of "when you're going home"!

When you want to go home now, the waiting time for the substitute car is 45 minutes. Of course, if you say that, you will have to wait for about 45 minutes, but if you wait for 45 minutes when you return, if the party opens 30 minutes later, you will only have to wait for about 15 minutes.

If the party isn't open, it's easy to say, "I'm sorry that the substitute car has come to pick me up."

​How to make good use of the drive service in Ebina City ...

As a characteristic of the driving agency of Ebina City, the peak time zone is different from the neighboring Atsugi City.

Ebina City is a town where snacks, pubs, clubs, and cabaret clubs cannot be operated after obtaining a late-night business (customs business license).

Therefore, the main focus is on restaurants such as izakaya, yakiniku, and small restaurants.

It seems that the peak time for driving agency in Ebina City tends to be around 21:00 to 23:00.

In Ebina City as well, during peak hours, driving agency will start all at once to Ebina City Otani, Ebina City Sugikubo, Ebina City Chuo, Ebina City Kamigo, Ebina City Shimoimaizumi, neighboring Ayase City, Atsugi City, Zama City, etc. ..

Therefore, the key to making good use of the drive service in Ebina City is to call the drive service resident in the neighboring Atsugi City.

As mentioned above, Atsugi City has a different driving agency peak from Ebina City, so there are relatively more empty cars than the driving agency resident in Ebina City. At night time, the movement from Atsugi City to Ebina City is 10 It takes about 15 to 15 minutes, so I know the geography of Ebina City because it is next door. Please make good use of the peak time lag.

How to make good use of the drive service in Isehara City ...

The characteristic of the driving agency / downtown area of Isehara City is that it is an area composed of a smaller downtown area than Atsugi City Ebina City, so there are not many driving agency companies resident, but the shops and history of the insistence It is a townscape with many shops with a lot of shops.

In most cases, our Marvelous will be picked up by waiting vehicles near Aiko Ishida Station next door and deadhead vehicles running nearby, but we will respond promptly with the number of operating vehicles that is characteristic of the Hon-Atsugi area.

Please contact us as vehicles in the Hon-Atsugi area and Ebina area may be picked up even if there are no waiting vehicles or accompanying vehicles in the deadhead.The peak of Isehara city is concentrated on Saturday midnight.

The Isehara area is not a base area but a service area, so reservation restrictions and reception end times are different from the Atsugi / Ebina area.

⇩ Please contact us outside the driving agency area ⇩

Nakamachi, Atsugi, Kotobuki, Atsugi, Asahi, Atsugi, Shimoogino, Atsugi, Kamiogino, Atsugi, Yachi, Atsugi, Togio, Atsugi, Iiyama, Atsugi, Mita, Atsugi, Hot water, Miharuno, Atsugi, Atsugi Ichieicho, Atsugi Okada, Ebina City Chuo, Ebina City Ogimachi, Ebina City Kokubu, Ebina City Sugikubo, Ebina City Higashi Kashiwagaya, Ebina City Kamigo, Ebina City Hongo, Isehara City, Zama City, Ayase City, Yamato City, Machida City, Hon-Atsugi Station, Atsugi Station, Atsugi, Ebina Station, Hon-Atsugi Station, Aiko Ishida Station, Isehara Station, Zama Station, Sobudai-mae, Hanbara, Higashi-Kashiwagaya, Aiko-gun, Aikawa-cho,

​Driving agency job information
​Recruitment of substitute drive service driver

We are looking for a substitute drive service driver for business expansion.


There is a normal type 2 license acquisition support system

Reliable special limited company management

Stable without extreme late shifts to early rises

Properly provided from delivery to return

Working hours

Weekdays 20:00 to 3:00 the next day & public holidays 20:00 to 1:00 the next day

It will change depending on the situation on the day near the area.

Ordinary first-class license or higher owner

Driving and operation management of accompanying car

Hourly wage: 1011 yen ~ Ability promotion available

Preferential treatment: Experienced driving agent 1100 yen or more Hiring period available

Condition: 26 years old or older according to the contract insurance content

Ordinary second-class license or higher owner

Passenger railroad / customer service and operation management

Unit price: 1100 yen ~ Ability promotion available

Preferential treatment: Passenger railroad practical experience 1200 yen or more Hiring period available


If you have no driving experience, the hiring decision period is 7 days of actual work.

Uniforms (jackets) are rented

Since it is completely outsourced, even daytime workers can work with peace of mind.

Full-time / shift commuters: a few

Treatment: Private car commuting is possible

Work location: Atsugi, Ebina, Isehara, etc. are operated by a substitute drive service vehicle

As of 2020.1, 13 class 2 license holders, 14 class 1 license holders, and 1 safe driving manager

Matsue, Atsugi City | Motomachi, Atsugi City | Higashi Town, Atsugi City | Minami Town, Atsugi City | Shimoogino, Atsugi City | Ogino, Atsugi City | Nakamachi, Atsugi City | Nanasawa, Atsugi City | | Atsugi City Azuma Town | Atsugi City Iiyama | Atsugi City Ogino | Atsugi City Sarugashima | Atsugi City Mountainside | Atsugi City Azuma Town | Atsugi City Atsugi Town | Atsugi City Aiko | Atsugi City Prince | Atsugi City Yichi | Atsugi City Tomuro Atsugi City Mizuhiki | Atsugi City Mita | Atsugi City Kamiochiai | Atsugi City Matsukagedai | Atsugi City Asahi Town | Atsugi City Miharuno | Atsugi City Miyanosato | Ebina City Hongo | Atsugi City Warm Water | Atsugi City Sakai | Aikawa, Atsugi City | Tsumada, Atsugi City | Izumi Town, Atsugi City | Oikawa, Atsugi City | Forest, Atsugi City | Tobio, Atsugi City | | Atsugi City Shimokawairi | Atsugi City Mouridai | Atsugi City Toda | Atsugi City Okada | Atsugi City Mouridai | Atsugi City Sakaemachi | Atsugi City Onna | Atsugi City Sekiguchi | Atsugi City Tanasawa | Ebina City Otani Kita | Ebina City Kamimaizumi Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi, Atsugi Sugikubo | Naka Nitta, Ebina City | Hongo, Ebina City | Nozomi, Higashi Kashiwagaya, Ebina City | Kokubun Minami, Ebina City | Sugikubo, Ebina City | Kobe, Isehara City | Itado, Isehara City | Shirane, Isehara City | Iritani, Zama City | Yotsuya, Zama City | Zama, Zama City | Midorigaoka, Zama City | Sobudai, Zama City | Nittajuku, Zama City | Kurihara, Zama City |

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