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24 hours agency OK

Basic business hours
Monday-Saturday 20: 00-3: 00
Sundays & public holidays 20: 00-11: 00
Business hours may vary in the Isehara area. Please contact us.
You can use the 24-hour driving agency by reservation even in times other than the above.
Basic overtime driving agency fee
2500 yen up to 2km and 250 yen every 500m
Waiting fee
Free from arrival to 10 minutes 1250 yen every 10 minutes
toll road
Please bear the actual cost of the accompanying vehicle.
Pick-up fee
Basic waiting area Free of charge up to 5km from Hon-Atsugi Station 500 yen will be added for every 5km over 5km
Minimum fare
If the distance from the pick-up location to the destination is less than 10 km, an additional 5000 yen will be added to the agency fee.
Charge accumulation
The fare that should be decided in advance such as the pick-up fee and the minimum fare will be calculated by Google Map, and the driving agency fee will be calculated by the dedicated meter.
The operation agency business outside the basic business hours is a complete reservation system.
We are very reluctant to ask for the time and content of your request, but we may not be able to make a request, so please call us in advance.​​ Please contact us.
We may not be able to accept timed reservations in the Isehara area.
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