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​Payment method

運転代行 厚木 マーベラス 現金払い

Cash payment

As for the driving agency fee, you only have to pay the usage fee displayed on the dedicated meter after arriving at your destination.


We are always preparing to change with 10,000 yen bills.

Card QR payment

We also support VISA, Master, credit, debit, paypay payments ( campaigns, discounts, etc. are not applicable).

Security is also perfect because payment is made on the customer's smartphone.

* Please tell us your card when you request a driving agency. At the time of payment. We may refuse to request a card after boarding. (Because it is necessary to prepare to start the payment machine)

​▲ Card payment details ▲
マーベラス運転代行は厚木市 領収書も発行できます

Receipt issue

All receipts will be issued by hand, so please feel free to tell us.

However, the writing will be a driving agency

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