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​Pick-up area

Waiting area-Hon-Atsugi Station ⇒ 10 minutes
Waiting area-Ebina Station ⇒ 10 minutes
Waiting area-Aiko Ishida Station ⇒ 10 minutes
Pick-up is possible-Isehara Station ⇒ About 20 minutes
This is a guideline for expected arrival when there is a waiting vehicle .
① Atsugi City. Ebina City
* We are waiting for you to stay resident.
② Aikawa Town. Kiyokawa Village. Ayase City. To Isehara Station
* Depending on the situation, a nearby empty car will pick you up. It may take some time.
③ Please contact us for areas other than those listed.
(2) and (3) may not be available depending on the situation.
There are no restrictions on the destination
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