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About cancellation without permission

Unauthorized cancellation after request is a crime of obstruction of business that falls under Articles 233-234-2 of the Penal Code.
It is a criminal act that imposes imprisonment of up to 3 years or a fine of up to 500,000 yen as a statutory sentence.
At our company, as a civil lawsuit through a corporate lawyer, in addition to compensation for damages such as cancellation fee and local waiting fee, situation where other clients' orders cannot be accepted, attorney's fee and all expenses up to debt collection Will be billed based on your phone number and vehicle number.
The interview with our corporate lawyer is as follows
"It is considered that the contract has been concluded at the stage of telephone request. In other words, since the store can be considered to have suffered damage due to unauthorized cancellation, it is possible to claim a cancellation fee or claim damages as default. "
In addition, we will refuse any request for driving agency business to us even after debt collection.
Even if the request is made through a third party, a cancellation fee will be charged if it can be confirmed locally.
​ I will withdraw.

Unauthorized cancellation criteria

If you do not come to the customer's designated place for 20 minutes after reporting the arrival or from the designated time and you can not contact us, we will respond as cancellation without permission.

Payment of cancellation fee

If you want to pay the cancellation fee on the day or at a later date after the accompanying vehicle is withdrawn, please make a cashless payment from the payment QR of Visa.Master.paypay or bring it directly in cash and pay within 3 days including the day. We will not file a civil suit when the debt becomes invalid.

Cancellation fee

A flat cancellation fee of 10,000 yen will be charged.
* All the contents of the call at the time of request are recorded to prevent troubles.
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